Plant a Tree Today 2015

24 Jul 2015

Since 2009, Raimon Land has been an active supporter of Plant a Tree Today Foundation (PATT) in Khao Yai. PATT restores the natural forest through planting a mix of slow, medium and fast growing trees and Raimon Land has been proud to see the first trees already bringing nature, birds and a greener landscape to Thailand’s first national park.

In July 2015, more than 40 staff from the company visited the nursery to both plant tree seedlings, and better understand the process of reforesting from PATT. Later in the day, Raimon Land presented a 30,000 THB donation plus assorted toys and education items to nearby school Baan Sup Tai, then played football with the students. “In property development we aim to improve the landscape and provide a sense of community for our owners,” explained VP Marketing Kipsan Beck.

“Through supporting PATT and the Khao Yai local community, the company can have an even wider impact through planting trees which live up to 100 years as well as planting the seeds of inspiration with the next generation of young Thais.”